Saturday, December 9, 2006


Today i was not in a mood to do any thing.... 'cos i couldnt do well yesturday... yesturday was my dream day... i couldnt perform well... not even to average extent.... he asked me all questions related to data structures...

i am a mechanical guy... i love gears, 4bar mechanisms, light, metallurgy... and he was asking me about data structures... some trees... i had a basic knowledge of it... but he was too deep into it.... finally he gave me a bad comment... and it was this comment that pinched rather the fact that i could not perform.

any how... my friend said that he could arrange me it again another day... and this time i would definitely win it.

My Favorites

My love to ‘sayings’ is immense. I love collecting them as I often remember them in life…. Some of my most memorable once are…

Light at the end of the tunnel could be an approaching train.

Democracy is a mechanism which guarantees people not to be ruled more than they deserve.

Only dead fish swim with water –read this on a board when I went to an interview.

Those who can do, others teach !