Saturday, September 22, 2007

team outing

yesterday we had a team outing at pragati resorts. There were good number of events there, cricket, paintball, etc etc... in fact i wanted to be with paint ball game, but swimming kept me so busy that i forgot the time in it.

water is exiting & with friends it magnifies! we played water volleyball etc. i relearn t to swim. in the morning i was for 3 hrs and at the evening one more round. The great thing is that it was raining and too chilly @ abt 4:00 pm and i went for the 2nd swim. The day was great.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

tooth ache + homeo


one of my close person had a bad tooth ache. The gum actually swelled of so much that she could not even chew the food. Simle solution: Sanguineria 200 (8Rs only) of homeopathy helped! with in 48 hrs the swelling is reduced by more than 2/3 and now theres very little pain in the gum.

I actually herd tha homeopathy, if taken the right medicine for a given disease, would cure it very very quickly. I think the same had happed here.

imageine if there were no homeo! we go to the general physition, she takes consultaion and re-direst us to a dentist. Now this fellow: 2 hrs waiting and then you stay with open mouth for 30mn or 1 hr + antibiotics + vitamins + bed rest and all this would have costed us so much of strain. And to the end of the story she -patient would end up having a dinner of tablets! :o

*** agn my observation only; not a substitute to doctors advice! ***


my mother suffered and is still suffering (less) from rheumatic arthritis. We consulted Dr. (at JNTU masabtank, in adjacent lane to mahavir hospital, Hyderabad) He really bot the issue into quick control and with in a month or so, my mother could hold things, walk (with difficulties though)

Later we tried with many parallel medications at home (no doctor) We bought the homeopathy book -'in tintaa homeo' a thin book; may be some 100 pages and not more. It had instructions of what medicine (each would cost, today, 8Rs and not more) for a particular pain. THis book was a boon to us. We got abt 15/ 20 such madicines and tried them all.

Homeo is one good medication where in the medicine goes as a waste (iff its not related ot heart and brain -a doctor said) This point gave us some encouragement. We cant say if this alone had helped us out. We used to do Allam-murabba ( some thing made out of jagerry + ginger (allam) )

We read books that said Allam (ginger) Sonthi (dried up ginger) and vellullipai (garlic i think: its white small, and we need to peel thin layres of .. to get the real things in it. Generally used in masala cookings :) ) these 3 of them are general ingrediants of indian food, but the point is that we made an explicit usage of it, i.e. spl made the paste and used to have them 1/ 2 times a day.

now she is well. At least i would say that 90% of the arthrites pain is now gone. She is able to do her work and move around.

*** The information in this post is some thing that worked for us and what we did with our limited understanding of things. i cannot guarantee that this would work atleaset the same way to you (in case u are trying it out) in case i remember few more things i shall post it here. Keep watching this space***

icefaces performance issue

i had never thought that we would face such a difficulty. I had read all the dev manual, posted this preformance issue on forums but surprisingly got no solution. the pages are still taking abt 7mb per page per person. this is bad. At first i thought that this is some config issue but it seems like even some body other is also having the same issue.

what i dont understand is that how are the big cmpanies able to use the product?? dont they get any issues???

Sunday, September 2, 2007

puzzle: game


was surfing the net and found a site that deviced a game in flash. The rules are simple ; its a cube that has to be inserted into a hole. i could go till the 7th stage... passcode:189493, URL:

Its really nice game and keeps u absorbed into it. i love it! :)