Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ayodhya : Mixed reactions

i called up my frnds trying to know their reaction to the judgement on this issue. Results are as follows.
  • 2 of them were aware of what happened and expressed their content on the judgement
  • 1 person didnt even know what the judgement was and was sleeping when i was glued to the TV screen
  • 2 persons knew what has happened but was with attitude: " so what. Why should i care?" Showing they are least bothered abt the issue.  
I was like the lizard on the TV screen. From 3:00 tightly sitting to see what the judgement could be and what would be the reactions of the community/ TV channels to it.

Ayodhya Govt preparation for the judgement

Government behaved quite responsively. With about 40K (is what i read on net some time back) or 2Lakh of security spand across all 32 sensitive areas; infact the center was prepared with a helicopter and ariplanes to quickly deploy the teams incase of any riots. This is quite impressinve and shows howmuch immportance they give tothe human life. When hearing abt these in NDTV i felt proud .

Monday, September 27, 2010

With a thumbs-up, guess who holds India hand? Pak

Mon, Sep 27 06:02 AM

The Malaysian and Botswanian teams today joined the ranks of those complaining against the state of affairs in the Commonwealth Games Village, while the South African envoy cried "a threat to the lives of athletes" after a snake was found in one of the rooms allotted to the country's sportspersons.

However, there was good news on at least one front for the beleaguered Commonwealth Games officials: Pakistan. Not only have officials from the country given a thumbs-up to the arrangements and security preparedness for the Games, but also accused "Westerners" of being overly critical.

"We have been given complete assurance by the organisers and our security liaison officer is in India at the moment. We trust the Indian government to provide full protection, and we have no security concerns. Hopefully our entire 75-member contingent will be in India on the 29th as planned," Pakistan Olympic Association president Syed Arif Hasan told The Indian Express on Sunday.

In present times, Hasan noted, no country can assure completely incident-free events, except guaranteeing foolproof security. "We have had teams in India before and not had any problems," he said.

While Hasan added that "it would have obviously been better if the infrastructure had been ready in advance", he said he understood that there could be delays. "We have also had floods and a lot of rain, and the country is reeling under its effects. So nature cannot be predicted or controlled. Even in Athens there were concerns till the last minute but the Olympics went off brilliantly," the Pakistan Olympic Association chief said.

Rheumathoid arthritis :: simple treatment that showed results to us.

our bones have lubricant btw them and so slide off against each other with out any pain. In somecases the lubricant is generated by the body so much that it starts off eathing the bone itself making it rough. Now such rough bones result in acute pain stopping the patent from moving. One of my close person was suffering from this and things went so bad that she had to hold walls just to standup and prepare to walk (all this took abt 15 - 20 sec)

The treatment was simple... we tried this for 15 days and got good results. Previously she couldnt walk without cushoned slippers but now she is moving around normal. It goes this way: We give her amrutaharam and salt and mirchi less food thats it. Amrutaharam consists of: 2 hands full of sprouts, peeled carrot (-4), handfull of fruits (no bananaa), butter milk rice (majjiga annamu), these days casue and kismiss boiled potatoes/ vegitables (ok she didnt take ths but this was also prescribed by naturopathi) and fruit juice -mostly carrot/ beatroot juice and slat less dal (kharjoor or dates may also be inclluded)

Initially she could have them but as days passed nothing went in she was complaining that she cannot have such a food so we thought of having this for 15 days only and give a gap for 5 days and re do this till she is all perfectly normal. She is still in the 1st cycle i am waiting to see how things go on later. Yesturday when we met doctor he said we need to take a pause after 15 days and resume small salt for her.. but we were against it we wanted to cut it totally down; we remember Rishi / Saints living only on vegitables and fruits long long ago when they did tapasya in forests... so some how we are aginst introducing salt in her diat.... unless she opposes it strongly ;)


aaha GHMC!!!

Today morning when coming to office at LVPrasad Foot over bridge i saw a hording displaying both escalator and lift are provided to climb up the bridge. What a joke? why? let me explain.

I remember a story abt newton and his cats. Newton had 2 cats, one big and fat while the other thin. For them to move in and out of the home he made 2 holes into the door one for the big one and the other for the smaller one. hahaha! why not only one big hole for the big cat the smaller one can also go throught it naaa... !!! 

The same is the case here.. why lift i already have escalator for the foot over bridge. Why wouldnt anybody use the lift at all? more over nobody uses the bridge and the escalator is always running idle. Even at morning 10:30 i.e.. at the peak traffic hours people prefer crossing the road rather use the bridge. I think government is paying for the maintenance for it every month to the contractor. shame... 


Friday, September 24, 2010

7 elephants killed in rail accident

read this today morning in Times Of India. Such a horrifying accident.... to the extent i remember "the calf was trapped while crossing the rails... the other elephants noticed it and came back to help her meanwhile the goods train came in and crusehd all to death". I felt so bad reading this.. and few moments back i heard that a social activist had filed a case with supreme court asking to stop any further train movements through this place... ensuring such incident will not repeat again.

I felt so nice hearing this.

One india

This is in context of ayodhya; this evening i was watching inews which read like this:

Divali....  Ramazan... Our own festival carry each others names.... whats the point in fighting?

so nice... just 2 words and it mad so much sense.... instead of fighting for Ayodhya why not stand united. 

Gaayam2 - The headache

I wanted to see this film as it read directed by Ramgopal Verma on the posters outside. I went to the theatre 45 early (generally i will be 5/ 10 min late with the schedule) had ticket (ok went alone; this is how i often go to movies (my frnds... all exported and staying in US so forget them... ) got into the hall and sat down. I didnt know that the headache would start in next 10 min when as i watch the film.

Hope less direction by that fellow; i felt like some kindergarten kid is taking the film; action by Jagapathi babu... i think a human cannot expect more than that... the heroin was gud and did to her best.. The doalogs lacked any shine and required a lot of polishing.. costumes.. oh god! Finally i had to force my self inthe seat and spend all 2.5 hrs in the theatre and then comeout. One gud thing in all this is that.. i go by walk.. helmet, parking.... etc i dont like them.. more over i havent seen a proper movie where i felt ... Yes its flawless and worth it... so i avoid things to the extent possible.

thats for now, adios!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


"Apologizing does not mean that you are wrong and the other one is right... 
It simply means that you value the relationship much more than your ego .." 
"Being Kind Is More Important Than Being Right..”

If it's amazing, it won't be easy.
If it's easy, it won't be amazing.
If it's worth it, you won't give up.
If you give up, you're not worthy!


When God solves your problems, you have faith in HIS abilities. 

When he doesn't solve your problems, HE has faith in YOUR abilities.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Where are we going?

I had a view that in india, atleast the courts are clean. One of my friends was telling that average life of a case in supreme court is 12 years. I thought my god! but with the bad economy/ poor country, may be its not possible beyond this. But what ever it is finally atleast i have clean judges trying to do their best. Now things seem to be otherwise. I remember few days back few judges were caught by the media copying in the exams that too gurded by police! Today i hear the Ex-Lawminister telling that atleast 6 of the supreme court chief justice are corrupt. Where are we going? now who in india is clean/ free from corruption?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rosayya.... pity you!


yesturday evening there was a news on TV9 which was telling that Rosayyah may get down his seat as he is not able to manage things. This is so bad! I dont say the incapable should be the CM; but the way their high command (sonia gandhi) is handling the situation is very very bad. I see this more in-ethical.

To the best of my knowledge he is doing his best. To be more specific, he is doing nice, except that the media is not projecting them properly. See the ACB raids we hear every day and the amount they recover; i havent seen them actively working with any other CM before (even chandra babu naidu). Now coming to the point, its true that he is not able to handle KCR and jagan. Infact the KCR thing i think, the issue can be mitigated if Sri. Rosayyah had responded on time.

For example lets take the recent alligation: group1 exams. The claim was that telangana students are being looked down/ delebrately pushed down by andhra pple and all the shit was thrown on the chief of APPSC. Before answering this let me take example fo my own class at engineering. I know of students -quite bright one, who scored not less than 85% aggeregate in btech, went to coaching for 2 years for GATE and finally couldnt even qualify for GATE exam. On the other hand, take me, i was just average student, didnt even think of GATE but came out with decent rank and a good university. Now comes my point: "Can i say that GATE showed partiality by scoring me on the top while putting them down? Their track record was great, so they should get the GATE as well? or my track record was avg so i shouldn't?". What i think is that each exam tests the student in a diffarent perspective/ dimention. All it matters is how strong is the student that way. The same applies to APPSC; getting a gud score in written doesnt mean that he can get through the interview with the same score as well. All Sri. Rosayyah had to say was this immediately after KCR spoke out; order CBI probe and shut the issue immediately.

There are couple, sorry good number of such incidnets, in recent past and all of them show a clear failure of him as a CM. So does all this mean that the congress can thrown him out? Of course it got a chance, but ethically speaking i think it shouldnt. instead it should extend him support and straighten up the things and give him a healthy environment to work. This way even he feels the encouragement and works more faithfully taking up even unsolvable challenges. I think before assigning the post to him they should have thought of such situations and thinking of them now... i see it inethical.

The congress high commands next steps would now speak of their mindset and their pchychology and how they treat their own trusted pple.