Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rosayya.... pity you!


yesturday evening there was a news on TV9 which was telling that Rosayyah may get down his seat as he is not able to manage things. This is so bad! I dont say the incapable should be the CM; but the way their high command (sonia gandhi) is handling the situation is very very bad. I see this more in-ethical.

To the best of my knowledge he is doing his best. To be more specific, he is doing nice, except that the media is not projecting them properly. See the ACB raids we hear every day and the amount they recover; i havent seen them actively working with any other CM before (even chandra babu naidu). Now coming to the point, its true that he is not able to handle KCR and jagan. Infact the KCR thing i think, the issue can be mitigated if Sri. Rosayyah had responded on time.

For example lets take the recent alligation: group1 exams. The claim was that telangana students are being looked down/ delebrately pushed down by andhra pple and all the shit was thrown on the chief of APPSC. Before answering this let me take example fo my own class at engineering. I know of students -quite bright one, who scored not less than 85% aggeregate in btech, went to coaching for 2 years for GATE and finally couldnt even qualify for GATE exam. On the other hand, take me, i was just average student, didnt even think of GATE but came out with decent rank and a good university. Now comes my point: "Can i say that GATE showed partiality by scoring me on the top while putting them down? Their track record was great, so they should get the GATE as well? or my track record was avg so i shouldn't?". What i think is that each exam tests the student in a diffarent perspective/ dimention. All it matters is how strong is the student that way. The same applies to APPSC; getting a gud score in written doesnt mean that he can get through the interview with the same score as well. All Sri. Rosayyah had to say was this immediately after KCR spoke out; order CBI probe and shut the issue immediately.

There are couple, sorry good number of such incidnets, in recent past and all of them show a clear failure of him as a CM. So does all this mean that the congress can thrown him out? Of course it got a chance, but ethically speaking i think it shouldnt. instead it should extend him support and straighten up the things and give him a healthy environment to work. This way even he feels the encouragement and works more faithfully taking up even unsolvable challenges. I think before assigning the post to him they should have thought of such situations and thinking of them now... i see it inethical.

The congress high commands next steps would now speak of their mindset and their pchychology and how they treat their own trusted pple.

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