Friday, September 24, 2010

Gaayam2 - The headache

I wanted to see this film as it read directed by Ramgopal Verma on the posters outside. I went to the theatre 45 early (generally i will be 5/ 10 min late with the schedule) had ticket (ok went alone; this is how i often go to movies (my frnds... all exported and staying in US so forget them... ) got into the hall and sat down. I didnt know that the headache would start in next 10 min when as i watch the film.

Hope less direction by that fellow; i felt like some kindergarten kid is taking the film; action by Jagapathi babu... i think a human cannot expect more than that... the heroin was gud and did to her best.. The doalogs lacked any shine and required a lot of polishing.. costumes.. oh god! Finally i had to force my self inthe seat and spend all 2.5 hrs in the theatre and then comeout. One gud thing in all this is that.. i go by walk.. helmet, parking.... etc i dont like them.. more over i havent seen a proper movie where i felt ... Yes its flawless and worth it... so i avoid things to the extent possible.

thats for now, adios!

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