Friday, April 29, 2011


వేగం   పనికిరానిది 
జీవితం తిరిగిరానిది

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Finally the Delicious plugin for Firefox 4

I dont know why yahoo didnt do this; some body created this plugin and kept it on share. Now my delicious plugin on firefox is back. You may install it from: and do text search for imopen; he gives the url from wheer u can download delicious plugin and the steps to install them

Saturday, April 16, 2011

well done!!!

Few days back my brother came home late.. when esquired he told that he was stopped by the traffic police and was fined 300 Rs. I asked him and he told the conversation btw him and the police..

Traffic police: U get the fine of 300 Rs or u can give me 100Rs and leave
Bro: I will pay 300Rs; please prepare the chalan
Police: u work for software company?
bro: Yes
Police: You software pple have toomuch of money... and dont know its value!!!

To this i was agitaged... and said "u should have said its none of ur business; prepare the chalan and thats it!" to which my brother said: "yes i could have.. but u see they are police... and he can book u in some stupid case which will take years to resolve. Why take conflict with him! so i said yes and silently paid the amount and came off!!!"

His interpretation is: "we shouldnt be taking short cuts; its very incorrect to bribe them!" to this i added "very correct;  on one hand we have pple like Anna Hazare who is on fast to stand against corruption; atleast for them we shouldnt be bribing these pple"

I remember a similar incident at Sanath nagar; It was the first day to office and i was going by my new bike. Suddenly the police stopped me. I was terrified.. I told its quite new; just 1 week old and so i cannot produce RC. That guy didnt listen; all he was telling is produce RC or pay chalan. Having no options i agreed for the chalaan... he took my llicense as surity and wrote that i didnt get my license and so am fined 300Rs. Behind the bill it was written as 100Rs if RC wasnt produced. I was agitated.. and shouted in anger at him "how can u write that my license is not there when u took it and kept in ur pockt?" By then a good amount of crowd had gathered and he silently took back the chalan and wrote the proper one. A week later i went to the police dept and payed the fine.

fix for: smooth skin

Hyderabad is a dry air area. U can dry clothes in night; even if it rained in the morning ;). I don't know if this is the reason; but since 2/ 3 years i feel my face going rough. When i move my hand over it i feel like there is a layer btw my hand and the skin;

As the first fix i went to the doctor; i dont know what all he gave.. but as long as i use the tablets the skin is fine and things come back if i stop them. My mother said nuvvuala noone (sesame seeds oil) this worked like a magic. Now every day morning i apply 1/4th spoon of oil (a thin layer) on my face and the skin is smooth all the day. The most impressive part is its all natural.

initially i tried (it was the oil my mother used during the worship)  but the skin was itching all the day.., and the skin wasn't absorbing the oil. Still i tried it for 6 months or so.. Later changed the oil brand to idayam and the magic happened. Recently i discovered that most of the oils are adulterated; esp with seesam (a glass variant). I guess this was the culprit for the itching..

Any how.. happy ending.. let me know if it helped u as well!!! till then,



Telugu my favorite languages, mother tongue as well. I am worried that this language may go extinct. Mainly because my state's own CM often ill treated its importance; many times at super market i often hear parents communicating with their kinds in English; more importantly using in-correct English. They them selves donot know the language, yet are eager to push it into the blood of the kids as a result the kids neither know english nor telugu fully.

TV9, NTV are one of the primary Telugu channels who use English to the extent possible; i just hate them for this. Recently Discovery started off with the Telugu version. Its so impressive, you find words that hardly have Telugu translate. This is quite impressive;

The irony is the guys u expect to use proper Telugu hardly use them; on the other hand foreigners give us the perfect language.

Time to let go things...

"You need not speak; ur work does it. Your work speaks!" I often remember this quotation from one of the managers of my early employers.

Its so difficult to let go friends; but u stand helpless 'cos things are not in ur control. Its my firm belief that: people don't say, they do. Its for us to interpret their intension seeing their work.

I had 2 very close frnds; one since BTech the other since MTech. I dont know what happened to the former.. like an aids patient he keeps himself away from us.. with a great difficulty i reached him on phone couple of times.. but some how felt like he is happy in his own world. Now the 2nd one; i dont know what happened to him... even he is gone in-different. huh!

As one of my previous posts read..'Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go...There's no point in living with 'baggage'... There are some situations you just can't help. Accept it and go forward. Understand that sometimes you have to live with some emptiness inside you''

See my own posts are helping me :D

Firing season started....

I am quite un-happy with what is happening with my previous employer; its not like they are going through some financial crunch that they take such bad decisions, but more towards the attitude and in-efficiancy of the management.

From one corner they boast they are employee friendly but on the other side, for what ever reason, they simply fire pple. See the irony and in-efficiency in planning by the management: This company is going through merger and the process was initiated an year back; so at very first it self they knew there could be redundancy in head count/ roles yet they went on hiring pple like any thing... we were wondering whats happening.. news were around that we are expanding and the company is scaling to meet its future needs. Now that the merger is coming to an end they are aggressively cutting off pple; more importantly this is happening informally! let me explain: The roles are getting re-shuffled and as a result except for the few guys; all others are told abt their new role and position; i.e.. indirectly telling these few pple that they are on the edge of being fired. The more cruel part is the management hasnt officially told these guys the sad news; instead they are trying to run the company assuming these redundant guys are already fired.. and see if they can survive with it; may be they will inform them of their ill fate later.. One one side i see intelligence in planning on the other side its cruelty.

When i joined that company for many it was a dream place; but now.. no more! This principle of hire and fire is very bad towards the employee.. almost every year i see one round of firing happening... this time the big shots are the one with whom i worked in my past; and believe me they are not really bad to be fired.Its very disturbing to digest the reality; i cant do anything except to feel sorry, have a disturbed mind and get reminded that we are travelling in a Titanic ship which can give in to the ocean any time; some times because recession hit us; while some time because the ship is over loaded (but who asked u to over load? and why is this one always breaking down every year for every small ice berg in the ocean?)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Anna Hazare: i want to be with u but....

Last week Anna Hazare was on news for the fast he adopted against the govt regarding the lok pal bill. Many supported it; netegens flooded appreciations / support; indians from china/ africa/ US etc etc fasted for a day to show their support. I felt like.. Wow! how nice! But was guilty to stand by him 'cos i remember how honest i am to the govt.

I remember taking shortcuts; producing wrong bills to escape tax; sometimes against compulsion (eg: traffic police) and some times to save money; what ever be it i had the guilty feeling when i did them but went doing.... 'cos if otherwise it may become the pain point...  'cos my frnds are doing it

Would i change? May be! I want to at-least.. though it takes a lot of effort from my side to doit. Few minutes back i saw images on FB telling Mera neta choor hai! But i think even i m a choor.

Amazing photography

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


 You can tell whether a man is intelligent by his answers. But you can tell a man is wise by his questions.

The first flight journey

I am on a job hunt and as anybody else, uploaded my resume on to the job portals. I am tired of conventional way of writing resume; wanted it to be to the point, crisp hitting the bulls eye -highlighting my skills and area of expertise. Felt it should be more recruiter oriented and uploaded the changes. Bingo! got the interview call from one of the most reputed product based companies. Initially i had 3 rounds of telephonic interview and one round of programming test -very tough one though and the program give the exact results expected :D. Luckly cleared all of them and they asked me to come to Bangalore.

At first i thought of saying no; who will book the bus do 1 day journey; travel the city explore the address; bording; lodging;.. bla bla bla.. but they said they will arrange to and fro travel. Wow! i thought. They sent the air tickets by email; i only had to buy the Aero Express ticket to airport for 300Rs; thats it!

This is the first journey on flight for me. Its a big ariport with poor directions, thanks to the proactive kingfisher guys i was well guided till boarding the plane. The flight is  pretty small... looked so delicate... i think i can break it with in seconds. Looked more like a private jet converted to domestic craft. The air hostress were quite pretty, had charm but at times... some how... looked tired of their mundane job; what ever be it; it was a gud journey. Had hardly kept my foot on the road; the carrier took us to the air craft; the plane zoomed on the runway flying into the air.

With in couple of hours landed in Bangalore and then into the office. I had 3 round of interview. At first it was the developer, then his manager and then the super manager; it was increasing levels of difficulty profiling me in every possible aspect. My god the last guys the most tuff guy was super knowledgeable! Finally i was through. The HR came to discuss the job and compensation; The job was pretty good majorly on core java data structures and algos -my dream job; but the compensation is pretty bad. I was ok to forgo a good amt of my present package at hyd ... but they seem to be badly far behind... i thought for the kind of company they are tne the kind of money they mint.. salary wouldnt be an issue at all to them...,,, how ever the reality was otherwise. Disappointed i returned home;

The night journey in the flight was pretty good. The city underneath looked like a pile of glowing pearls a pile of stars on ground. The sight was so beautiful. I could see the wings of the aeroplane. They were wobbling; i was expecting them to break!!! was imagining weightless ness and the videos from discovery channel -Air crash investigations.

With in couple of hours of boarding i was home @12:30 am. Told my mother that i cleared and she was very happy; She knew this company and heard of it some million times till now.

Few minutes back i woke up and am writing the same here.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fix for sensitive teeth

Sensodyne/ colgate sensitive is the tooth paste we often see on TV as a cure for sensitive teeth. The add shows a person unable to take sweets/ something very cold and then the doctor comesup suggesting the toothpaste Sensodyne. Well, i dont know how far the paste would work... but i think i have a concrete solution costing very negligible on pocket.

One of my colleagues in old office suffers the same; he cannot eat excessive sweets/ take anything cold for he complains his teeth pain a lot. I advised him this solution, but u see... the free advice is mostly forgotten/ un-obeyed. So the solution goes this way; btw its an ayurvedic medicine

  • chew a spoon of Tella Nuvvulu (English:white-sesame) every day just before going to bed; keep chewing for complete 5 minutes; donot wash the mouth after this.
  • Every time i get the issue I try out the above and within 1 week the it is fixed
  • Once fixed you may stop it.
How ever i see when consumed: Carborated drinks like cool drinks -coke/ limca etc or after having a lot of pizza i see the issue coming back. Then i redo the above steps and with in 1 week by teeth are super strong.

I tried the above for one complete year when ever i have issue... didnt find a case when it want fixed within 1 week. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

finally the adios...

Yesterday was the last day at my company. I was literally lazy to get off the bed; go to office. At home spared a gud amount of time to prepare the final letter to my colleagues abt my tenure at this office. I wanted a picture which summarizes in one shot. So googled and googled and googled for an appropriate one till the eyes pained; got the above one from Calvin and hobbes - a super man who can only walk (taking pride of his attire). Emailed the stuff to my mail id trice(the same doc file) just to make sure its not blocked (sounding crazy? same feeling here!)

Finally at 11:00 that i logged in to office; was smiling all the day, didn't know why!; was literally surprised with my self! Felt so lite.. felt like on top of mountain as if I achieved something (didn't know what!) completed the formalities... last day stuff... sent the email i prepared at home; went around shaking hands with old friends, great guys.

Every person i go i had to run the same tape "today is my last day; joining the abc company; thank u ; shake hands; smile".... slowly it was getting routine and mundane when came a team lead. He is heading a  bunch of people and i am a stranger to them. He introduced me but I think they were so much immersed in work that one of them gave me a constipation look. After the introduction the look changed to 'so what? Agreed u r a super man; now go home!' Yak! what did i see! is it because i didn't shave/ did they discover i am wearing the shirt the 3rd time? Thousand questions rolled over. I said thank u and went on... One of the leads was immersed in his laptop. I felt like he is observing some mis-behaving electron travelling between the Micro Processor and RAM. This guy is a techee and such things are common with him; so i waited for his attention shook hands, ran the tape, wore the smile and left the place. By now the morning happiness had properly faded away.

To the end i once again greeted my colleague, team lead, lively person, shoook hands again, smiled again.. and headed to the exit while he came along with me; quite a warm feeling.

Thats how the 2nd job hop ended. I don't know how the next job would be.. where it would be.. what it could be... but what ever be it.. lets see how it will be. Till then

Adios/ Cheers/ Dhanyavaad/ bla bla bla