Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The first flight journey

I am on a job hunt and as anybody else, uploaded my resume on to the job portals. I am tired of conventional way of writing resume; wanted it to be to the point, crisp hitting the bulls eye -highlighting my skills and area of expertise. Felt it should be more recruiter oriented and uploaded the changes. Bingo! got the interview call from one of the most reputed product based companies. Initially i had 3 rounds of telephonic interview and one round of programming test -very tough one though and the program give the exact results expected :D. Luckly cleared all of them and they asked me to come to Bangalore.

At first i thought of saying no; who will book the bus do 1 day journey; travel the city explore the address; bording; lodging;.. bla bla bla.. but they said they will arrange to and fro travel. Wow! i thought. They sent the air tickets by email; i only had to buy the Aero Express ticket to airport for 300Rs; thats it!

This is the first journey on flight for me. Its a big ariport with poor directions, thanks to the proactive kingfisher guys i was well guided till boarding the plane. The flight is  pretty small... looked so delicate... i think i can break it with in seconds. Looked more like a private jet converted to domestic craft. The air hostress were quite pretty, had charm but at times... some how... looked tired of their mundane job; what ever be it; it was a gud journey. Had hardly kept my foot on the road; the carrier took us to the air craft; the plane zoomed on the runway flying into the air.

With in couple of hours landed in Bangalore and then into the office. I had 3 round of interview. At first it was the developer, then his manager and then the super manager; it was increasing levels of difficulty profiling me in every possible aspect. My god the last guys the most tuff guy was super knowledgeable! Finally i was through. The HR came to discuss the job and compensation; The job was pretty good majorly on core java data structures and algos -my dream job; but the compensation is pretty bad. I was ok to forgo a good amt of my present package at hyd ... but they seem to be badly far behind... i thought for the kind of company they are tne the kind of money they mint.. salary wouldnt be an issue at all to them...,,, how ever the reality was otherwise. Disappointed i returned home;

The night journey in the flight was pretty good. The city underneath looked like a pile of glowing pearls a pile of stars on ground. The sight was so beautiful. I could see the wings of the aeroplane. They were wobbling; i was expecting them to break!!! was imagining weightless ness and the videos from discovery channel -Air crash investigations.

With in couple of hours of boarding i was home @12:30 am. Told my mother that i cleared and she was very happy; She knew this company and heard of it some million times till now.

Few minutes back i woke up and am writing the same here.

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