Saturday, April 16, 2011

well done!!!

Few days back my brother came home late.. when esquired he told that he was stopped by the traffic police and was fined 300 Rs. I asked him and he told the conversation btw him and the police..

Traffic police: U get the fine of 300 Rs or u can give me 100Rs and leave
Bro: I will pay 300Rs; please prepare the chalan
Police: u work for software company?
bro: Yes
Police: You software pple have toomuch of money... and dont know its value!!!

To this i was agitaged... and said "u should have said its none of ur business; prepare the chalan and thats it!" to which my brother said: "yes i could have.. but u see they are police... and he can book u in some stupid case which will take years to resolve. Why take conflict with him! so i said yes and silently paid the amount and came off!!!"

His interpretation is: "we shouldnt be taking short cuts; its very incorrect to bribe them!" to this i added "very correct;  on one hand we have pple like Anna Hazare who is on fast to stand against corruption; atleast for them we shouldnt be bribing these pple"

I remember a similar incident at Sanath nagar; It was the first day to office and i was going by my new bike. Suddenly the police stopped me. I was terrified.. I told its quite new; just 1 week old and so i cannot produce RC. That guy didnt listen; all he was telling is produce RC or pay chalan. Having no options i agreed for the chalaan... he took my llicense as surity and wrote that i didnt get my license and so am fined 300Rs. Behind the bill it was written as 100Rs if RC wasnt produced. I was agitated.. and shouted in anger at him "how can u write that my license is not there when u took it and kept in ur pockt?" By then a good amount of crowd had gathered and he silently took back the chalan and wrote the proper one. A week later i went to the police dept and payed the fine.

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