Saturday, April 16, 2011

fix for: smooth skin

Hyderabad is a dry air area. U can dry clothes in night; even if it rained in the morning ;). I don't know if this is the reason; but since 2/ 3 years i feel my face going rough. When i move my hand over it i feel like there is a layer btw my hand and the skin;

As the first fix i went to the doctor; i dont know what all he gave.. but as long as i use the tablets the skin is fine and things come back if i stop them. My mother said nuvvuala noone (sesame seeds oil) this worked like a magic. Now every day morning i apply 1/4th spoon of oil (a thin layer) on my face and the skin is smooth all the day. The most impressive part is its all natural.

initially i tried (it was the oil my mother used during the worship)  but the skin was itching all the day.., and the skin wasn't absorbing the oil. Still i tried it for 6 months or so.. Later changed the oil brand to idayam and the magic happened. Recently i discovered that most of the oils are adulterated; esp with seesam (a glass variant). I guess this was the culprit for the itching..

Any how.. happy ending.. let me know if it helped u as well!!! till then,


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