Friday, April 1, 2011

finally the adios...

Yesterday was the last day at my company. I was literally lazy to get off the bed; go to office. At home spared a gud amount of time to prepare the final letter to my colleagues abt my tenure at this office. I wanted a picture which summarizes in one shot. So googled and googled and googled for an appropriate one till the eyes pained; got the above one from Calvin and hobbes - a super man who can only walk (taking pride of his attire). Emailed the stuff to my mail id trice(the same doc file) just to make sure its not blocked (sounding crazy? same feeling here!)

Finally at 11:00 that i logged in to office; was smiling all the day, didn't know why!; was literally surprised with my self! Felt so lite.. felt like on top of mountain as if I achieved something (didn't know what!) completed the formalities... last day stuff... sent the email i prepared at home; went around shaking hands with old friends, great guys.

Every person i go i had to run the same tape "today is my last day; joining the abc company; thank u ; shake hands; smile".... slowly it was getting routine and mundane when came a team lead. He is heading a  bunch of people and i am a stranger to them. He introduced me but I think they were so much immersed in work that one of them gave me a constipation look. After the introduction the look changed to 'so what? Agreed u r a super man; now go home!' Yak! what did i see! is it because i didn't shave/ did they discover i am wearing the shirt the 3rd time? Thousand questions rolled over. I said thank u and went on... One of the leads was immersed in his laptop. I felt like he is observing some mis-behaving electron travelling between the Micro Processor and RAM. This guy is a techee and such things are common with him; so i waited for his attention shook hands, ran the tape, wore the smile and left the place. By now the morning happiness had properly faded away.

To the end i once again greeted my colleague, team lead, lively person, shoook hands again, smiled again.. and headed to the exit while he came along with me; quite a warm feeling.

Thats how the 2nd job hop ended. I don't know how the next job would be.. where it would be.. what it could be... but what ever be it.. lets see how it will be. Till then

Adios/ Cheers/ Dhanyavaad/ bla bla bla

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