Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Q -Telugu

I rememeber this quote when ever i see some politician promising something::

" Ennikalaloo enni-kalaloo,
  Okka votukai, enni valaloo "

-ETV news last elections :)

Monday, March 30, 2009


Fish is the only food that is considered spoiled once it smells like what it is.

-P. J. O'Rourke

Friday, March 20, 2009


Another quote::

Hard Work Often Pays Off After Time, But Laziness Always Pays Off Now.

i had seen this on my friends email signature. :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Elections in Andhra

This time cinema star Chiranjeevi is also in the election campaigne. At first when i heard this i felt "he should not win at any cost!!". Many of my friends were overwhelmed by his arrival. I felt like: if he wins a seat it means like telling 'Hey! Me not working at all is equal to this MLA working'. Its true that few MLAS hardly work... but some how i didnt like him at the election.

it seemed like his acting career is now giving new fruits. Where ever he goes what ever he speaks(only fault finding) he is always honoured. This is the 2nd thing i dont like. See, a doctor's duty is to return u the health and he does his duty. Similarly an actor gives u the entertainment. So, why should the actor be hourned? just because many had seen him doing his work?

Very recently, there has been a party:Loksatta lead by jayaprakash narayanan. His approach is all diffarent. In recent past he said: 'No body wants to become CM to dwell/ sell the state for money. its the approach in which one makes mistakes which finally ends up the situation in mire.' He speaks the point and by his words i feel like he is a perfect leader.

Friday, March 6, 2009

How Congress Govt changed my Village

My grand mother and relatives came to attend a cerimony here at hyderabad when i asked them whome will they vote? They were not happy with the existing government. They said "Previously when wanted some work to be done there were always somebody at the corner of the street waiting for work. Now also there are people but they are not willing to work !!!"

My God! what kind of a statement is this! They are still free, but dont want to work??? "Yes!" the answer came. The present govt had given loans as much as 3Lakhs to each farmer at 25 pise interest (i.e. 0.25%) and in the loan amount farmers are given 50% subsidie (i.e. need not pay) in the remaining amount the farmer can pay at their will.

At first it sounds good! atleast the farmers are finally improving their lives, but wait! are they really improving?? It sounded like, previously they ate nukalu (cheap rice) and now Basumathy rice. Sowhat, did things improve?? Are they in a position to sustin themselves if the crop fail again/ famine rules the village? i dont think so. I dont even think the government is looking at this point.

For me one rupee is one unit of work. If you are giving some body(x) 3L it means u are giving somebody(Y) elses 3L units of work fruits to him. Now the qn: what is the farmer doing with it? I have not heard any farmer saying that this loan is really improving their lives, nor does the govt shows some development in them.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a small thought...

Last sunday we had two guys to my home... they were more towards solving the global economic issue, and how 'Lord' and his 'Love' can help us to mitigate it. By their words i sensed that it is related to christianity and the releated preachings and said that i am not interesed. They went off leaving me a book 'The world'. Today morning the same topic came in my home and when my mother understood that i took the book she boiled in anger!!! I see reason for this to happen to her.

I heard a lot of times that pple convert to christianity -especially 'the poor'.  They are lured by the benifits: concession in education, free clothings and books. May be the religion is supporting them and giving them a good life... but some how i dont like this. My understanding of religion is collections of 'dharma' and by jumping btw religions, you are indirectly telling that one set of dharmas is superiour over the other.... so bad !!! i am not saying christianity is wrong... but jumping is wrong.

One of our relatives took this religion few years back and she converted her mother and father also to it. Just last year her father died and my mother went to her home to console her. In our religion we have 'Thidi/ taddinam' -a dharma following which we believe that we are feeding the 'Aathma/ soul' of the person. We felt deeply hurt when she didnt bother to do this at all 'cos she is no longer in our religion !!! 

But there is a catch. All these years, or since 40 years they were in our religion following it completely (vratamulu, pandagalu, etc etc). We all worked moved, and spent together. Now that she took up the new, how far is it correct to ignore all the old dharma.

At their home my mother felt dejected/ thrown a part. She never visited them again :(.