Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a small thought...

Last sunday we had two guys to my home... they were more towards solving the global economic issue, and how 'Lord' and his 'Love' can help us to mitigate it. By their words i sensed that it is related to christianity and the releated preachings and said that i am not interesed. They went off leaving me a book 'The world'. Today morning the same topic came in my home and when my mother understood that i took the book she boiled in anger!!! I see reason for this to happen to her.

I heard a lot of times that pple convert to christianity -especially 'the poor'.  They are lured by the benifits: concession in education, free clothings and books. May be the religion is supporting them and giving them a good life... but some how i dont like this. My understanding of religion is collections of 'dharma' and by jumping btw religions, you are indirectly telling that one set of dharmas is superiour over the other.... so bad !!! i am not saying christianity is wrong... but jumping is wrong.

One of our relatives took this religion few years back and she converted her mother and father also to it. Just last year her father died and my mother went to her home to console her. In our religion we have 'Thidi/ taddinam' -a dharma following which we believe that we are feeding the 'Aathma/ soul' of the person. We felt deeply hurt when she didnt bother to do this at all 'cos she is no longer in our religion !!! 

But there is a catch. All these years, or since 40 years they were in our religion following it completely (vratamulu, pandagalu, etc etc). We all worked moved, and spent together. Now that she took up the new, how far is it correct to ignore all the old dharma.

At their home my mother felt dejected/ thrown a part. She never visited them again :(.

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