Monday, February 28, 2011


I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition.

They can conquer who believe they can!

Friday, February 25, 2011


When u loose every thing, you can do anything, (read few days back on net!)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The big party wants to proove people have faith in them and so called for a bandh today and tomorrow.

The roads are all empty, i havent touched the brake at all, infact i started 15 min late and reached 15 min early to the office. Wow! I remember an incident from my childhood wherein telugu class we all said we are happy for the bandh... things are soooo smooth/ cool. To this my teacher (Somanna sir) responded: "There are many people who make their living from the public; like autorickshaw, kooli, masons, busses agents etc. They all loose their living because of this bandh. You and i are happy but their is other side of the coin aswell which we generally ignore to see." isnt it true? ofcourse it is!

While coming i could see atleast one police vehicle for every 400 meters. Atleast 6-10 constables at every vehiche waiting for instructions. As i see/ understand the most important thing is life. Here,  atleast in India a person is very important to the family and his loss cannot be filled. A lot of care is being taken by the govt/ police; I see how much they value the human life.

btw i m against bandhs/ raastha rokos. :)

Monday, February 21, 2011


When life's problems seem 
overwhelming, look around and see 
what other people are coping with. 
You may consider yourself fortunate

Todays Andhra jyothi cartoon

in continuation to my previous post.. this is what i see on todays AndhraJyothi (local news paper) 























<english> See driver, dont come with me into assembly and un-necessarily dont go to jail </english>

btw: the driver who hit JP is in remind @hyderabad jail now. Why not the MLA who also did the act? i dont know...!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011


This is in the context of the behavior exibited by our leaders at Assembly.

JP is my favourite leader. I haven't heard a speach from him with a mistake/ him personally pointing at a person/ scolding a person or a grouup of persons/ what ever. I follow him very closely on the news channels and often hear appreciations to him from the common man when they make the phone calls. Some of the ideas from his party/ himself are so thought provoking and revolutionary. As the context has come let me cite some examples.

TTD had organized a meeting for ideas to clean up the 7 hills from plastic and keep it hyginic. The so called BIG political parties started poiniting mistakes.. "so and so comission had recomended something and ur govt didnt do it.. its because u dont want the place to be developed.. ur leader is at fault." Immediately the other one took over the mic and started shouting the first partys mistakes and hence they are not eligible to question them. WOW! see the logic. "You doing the mistake certifies me to do another and hence u cannot question me back". isn't it fentastic? Now JP party interrupted and said "lets not scold each other. My points are as follows. Lets make every step of Tirumala an auspicious place, may be by putting idols at various points and people will automatically get aware and stop throwing the garbage. Instead of concentrating on how to clean the garbage, lets see how we can stop it at the first place". The TTD chairman shook his head in agreement and the memebers smiled showing their acceptance.

There are many such cases i can narrate... Even on the separate state he was very clear on his stand and explained the real impact on the common man if at all the state is formed. I dont think he should be condemned for it. He is using his right to speach. 

The most disgusting thing happend yesturday: The MLAs started breaking the mics, stopping the governer from continueing, beaking the chairs, protesting openly... (Ok this is not the disgusting thing i was referring.. its generally seen around) and JP was very unhappy in the way they approached the problem and expressed his disgust to the press. After his speach one of the BIG party MLA beat him, most importantly his driver also joined in hitting JP; some BIG party MLAs encouraged them.. This is very very bad. You are stopping a person who represents people of a region from expressing himself; and an MLA who swore to go by constituion shuldnt be doing this. 

JP was very calm and nice at the interview in a news channel. In this context i express my appreciation to JP for the way he reacted and discontent to the MLA who did the unfortunate act.

Steve Jobs: May god help you

A Post read as follows

London, Feb 17 (IANS) Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs has terminal pancreatic cancer and may live for just six more weeks, a media report said Thursday.The 55-year-old Jobs in January announced that at his request, the board of directors granted him a medical leave of absence so that he could focus on his health.Since then, employees have said Jobs can still be seen at the company's headquarters in California and is also calling all the strategic shots from his home.Now, new pictures have been published in the tabloid National Enquirer, which suggest things may be worse for the the man behind the iPod, iPhone and iPad.The report said Jobs is stricken with pancreatic cancer and may have just six weeks to live.

I wish some miracle to happen and he survives the disease.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

cricket.. cricket.. cricket..

people are dying around cricket... yest i read some 300 cr rupees of betting is estimated around this game in india. The cricketers are actively participating in all telivision advertisements to the extent possible.. kids, youth or to be more accurate all hyderabadies are flocking onto the grounds to play cricket... all colleagues/ friends/ relatives/ news papers/ magazines/ editorials/ hard talks on TV etc etc are all talking about one game: cricket. Even CWG games (inspite of the scams around it) didnt gather somuch of fuss around... cricket is like god in India. 

It seems like we have only one game in this world.. and I fell if at all india wins the world cup this time...  it seems like nuclearbomb hit Hiroshima and nagasaki of japan. The victory will sweep off all other games and i guess for the next 1000 years it will be only cricket in our minds/ grounds/ what not. 

I remember a lesson from my 6th standard.. in which he tells if left leg/ right hand only grows... then its not seen as growth but as disease.. arent we getting into a similar scene now?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

a poem i remember

నీటి లోని మొసలి మిగిలి ఏనుగు పట్టు,
బయట కుక్క చేత భంగ పడును,
స్థాన బలిమి కాని తన బలిమి కాదయా,
విశ్వదాభి రామ వినురవేమ.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

People with no wisdom

I often hear this word at my home when the servant maid talks to my mother "If at all i was learned i would not have done it.. i would have had been more wiser". But what are the learned pple really doing? before that what am i talking about? let me explain.
 * * *
The story has started off with previous elections in Andhra Pradesh when Chiranjeevi entered the politics. People were like "My dream came true... I am living for this moment only... only chiru can change the world... I feel soooo lucky... awesome... enchanted... blessed" and what not. I could feel their enthu and see sparks in their eyes. They were more like un-stoppable... as if they are seeing god come down all the way from the heaven to bless them.

These people are not somebody small... there were the colleagues, team leads, project leads/ managers, coordinators etc etc.. They were all at-least graduates with experience btw 6-12 years. I was surprised: whats making them so die hard for him? the answer i got was: He is a great actor! Havent you seen his movie Tagore? He is the guy to bring in ACF(anti corruption force). He will change the state fully. Wow! what an analysis? you have seen him acting good on the screen and so evaluate that he can rule you well. Fantastiic! I remember incidents when questioned they challenged back "I bet he will be the next CM and he will change the state!!" again how can u say? lets leave it i am tired by now..

Infact i remember hordings comparing chiru with obama. Now what happend? He changed; the party is dissolved with in 3 years of establishment. I dont find fault with this.... any thing can happen with a political party and they ar free to take any decision they want. All i m angry at is: being learned people how did these guys opt to vote for him? Why couldnt they relalize that acting and ruling the state are two different un-related entities? Whats the point in being learned... whats the point in having the intellect/ wisdom to judge things when you cannot use it at the right place?

I remember a famous saying in telugu:
చదువుకున్నవాడి కంటే చాకలడు మేలు (A dhobi is better than a learned person) doesn't it fit the contest?


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

container to accomodate the floating divs

Generally the containers around float divs dont streach to accomodate them. To fix them we have the below workarounds. You to add an extra element with clear: both to the container. Once it was in place the container contained a non-floating element, which means it stretches itself up to accomodate it
div.container {
border: 1px solid black;
overflow: hidden;
width: 100%;


We first make our habits, and 
then our habits make us."

The greatest things ever done on Earth 
have been done little by little.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Yest was just great!

Yesterday.. the day was great! As usual i woke up late.. went to my friends place.. there we danced and danced and danced.. till we were completely tired/ drenched in sweet. It was sweet/ great!. I haven't noticed the day pass off and it was just like that... i was home at 2pm and was sooooo tired... just fell on bed and slept till evening 7pm. It was very refreshing when i woke up.. ate a little .. went to another friends place and was back by 8:30pm. Did some work at home.. then dozed to sleep on the floor.

The day was great! all hard work.. I worked hard and relaxed great.. i just loved it. I enjoyed the most to the fullest.. Wish the next weekend also to be the same..

till the reality strikes.. Adios,