Friday, February 18, 2011


This is in the context of the behavior exibited by our leaders at Assembly.

JP is my favourite leader. I haven't heard a speach from him with a mistake/ him personally pointing at a person/ scolding a person or a grouup of persons/ what ever. I follow him very closely on the news channels and often hear appreciations to him from the common man when they make the phone calls. Some of the ideas from his party/ himself are so thought provoking and revolutionary. As the context has come let me cite some examples.

TTD had organized a meeting for ideas to clean up the 7 hills from plastic and keep it hyginic. The so called BIG political parties started poiniting mistakes.. "so and so comission had recomended something and ur govt didnt do it.. its because u dont want the place to be developed.. ur leader is at fault." Immediately the other one took over the mic and started shouting the first partys mistakes and hence they are not eligible to question them. WOW! see the logic. "You doing the mistake certifies me to do another and hence u cannot question me back". isn't it fentastic? Now JP party interrupted and said "lets not scold each other. My points are as follows. Lets make every step of Tirumala an auspicious place, may be by putting idols at various points and people will automatically get aware and stop throwing the garbage. Instead of concentrating on how to clean the garbage, lets see how we can stop it at the first place". The TTD chairman shook his head in agreement and the memebers smiled showing their acceptance.

There are many such cases i can narrate... Even on the separate state he was very clear on his stand and explained the real impact on the common man if at all the state is formed. I dont think he should be condemned for it. He is using his right to speach. 

The most disgusting thing happend yesturday: The MLAs started breaking the mics, stopping the governer from continueing, beaking the chairs, protesting openly... (Ok this is not the disgusting thing i was referring.. its generally seen around) and JP was very unhappy in the way they approached the problem and expressed his disgust to the press. After his speach one of the BIG party MLA beat him, most importantly his driver also joined in hitting JP; some BIG party MLAs encouraged them.. This is very very bad. You are stopping a person who represents people of a region from expressing himself; and an MLA who swore to go by constituion shuldnt be doing this. 

JP was very calm and nice at the interview in a news channel. In this context i express my appreciation to JP for the way he reacted and discontent to the MLA who did the unfortunate act.

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