Thursday, February 10, 2011

People with no wisdom

I often hear this word at my home when the servant maid talks to my mother "If at all i was learned i would not have done it.. i would have had been more wiser". But what are the learned pple really doing? before that what am i talking about? let me explain.
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The story has started off with previous elections in Andhra Pradesh when Chiranjeevi entered the politics. People were like "My dream came true... I am living for this moment only... only chiru can change the world... I feel soooo lucky... awesome... enchanted... blessed" and what not. I could feel their enthu and see sparks in their eyes. They were more like un-stoppable... as if they are seeing god come down all the way from the heaven to bless them.

These people are not somebody small... there were the colleagues, team leads, project leads/ managers, coordinators etc etc.. They were all at-least graduates with experience btw 6-12 years. I was surprised: whats making them so die hard for him? the answer i got was: He is a great actor! Havent you seen his movie Tagore? He is the guy to bring in ACF(anti corruption force). He will change the state fully. Wow! what an analysis? you have seen him acting good on the screen and so evaluate that he can rule you well. Fantastiic! I remember incidents when questioned they challenged back "I bet he will be the next CM and he will change the state!!" again how can u say? lets leave it i am tired by now..

Infact i remember hordings comparing chiru with obama. Now what happend? He changed; the party is dissolved with in 3 years of establishment. I dont find fault with this.... any thing can happen with a political party and they ar free to take any decision they want. All i m angry at is: being learned people how did these guys opt to vote for him? Why couldnt they relalize that acting and ruling the state are two different un-related entities? Whats the point in being learned... whats the point in having the intellect/ wisdom to judge things when you cannot use it at the right place?

I remember a famous saying in telugu:
చదువుకున్నవాడి కంటే చాకలడు మేలు (A dhobi is better than a learned person) doesn't it fit the contest?


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