Friday, October 31, 2008

oracle streams jobs 10/31/2008

  • tags: aq

    • 8.3.1 Creating a Transformation
    • transformation
      • Specifies a transformation that will be applied when this subscriber dequeues the message. The source type of the transformation must match the type of the queue. If the subscriber is remote, then the transformation is applied before propagation to the remote queue. - post by ravi_eze
  • tags: anydata

    • 22.6 Propagating User-Enqueued LCRs from ANYDATA Queues to Typed Queues
    • You can propagate user-enqueued LCRs to an appropriate typed queue, but propagation of captured LCRs to a typed queue is not supported.
  • tags: oracle

    • When the Messaging Gateway agent processes a propagation job, it dequeues messages from the source queue and enqueues the messages to the destination queue.

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