Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Best Tabbed SSH terminal/ tabbed Putty

My first choice was Putty-Connection manager. The problem is it suffers weird issues. Even if u solve all of them you endup with Alt + Tab issue. I.e. you hit on Alt tab and still stay on the putty connection manager.

Then i tried MTPutty. The UI is very good. But it suffers the same Alt Tab issue of Putty connection manager

Then Poderosa/ CMDER. They dont suffer Alt tab issue but they cant remember the sessions either. Again waste.

Couple of days back i came across nd-putty. The only problem with it was the font rendering issue. The fonts render blurred. I contacted the deverloper and finally narrowed down that its Windows 10 issue. When you put magnification of display to 125% (right click > display etc). Finally i got this resolved. its basically DPI issue. Right click on the putty-nd; in properties click on the tab: compatibility > Disable display scaling on high DPI settings. And this did the magic.

Now i swithced to PuttyND.

more info: http://windows10_dpi_blurry_fix.xpexplorer.com/