Wednesday, February 16, 2011

cricket.. cricket.. cricket..

people are dying around cricket... yest i read some 300 cr rupees of betting is estimated around this game in india. The cricketers are actively participating in all telivision advertisements to the extent possible.. kids, youth or to be more accurate all hyderabadies are flocking onto the grounds to play cricket... all colleagues/ friends/ relatives/ news papers/ magazines/ editorials/ hard talks on TV etc etc are all talking about one game: cricket. Even CWG games (inspite of the scams around it) didnt gather somuch of fuss around... cricket is like god in India. 

It seems like we have only one game in this world.. and I fell if at all india wins the world cup this time...  it seems like nuclearbomb hit Hiroshima and nagasaki of japan. The victory will sweep off all other games and i guess for the next 1000 years it will be only cricket in our minds/ grounds/ what not. 

I remember a lesson from my 6th standard.. in which he tells if left leg/ right hand only grows... then its not seen as growth but as disease.. arent we getting into a similar scene now?

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