Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The big party wants to proove people have faith in them and so called for a bandh today and tomorrow.

The roads are all empty, i havent touched the brake at all, infact i started 15 min late and reached 15 min early to the office. Wow! I remember an incident from my childhood wherein telugu class we all said we are happy for the bandh... things are soooo smooth/ cool. To this my teacher (Somanna sir) responded: "There are many people who make their living from the public; like autorickshaw, kooli, masons, busses agents etc. They all loose their living because of this bandh. You and i are happy but their is other side of the coin aswell which we generally ignore to see." isnt it true? ofcourse it is!

While coming i could see atleast one police vehicle for every 400 meters. Atleast 6-10 constables at every vehiche waiting for instructions. As i see/ understand the most important thing is life. Here,  atleast in India a person is very important to the family and his loss cannot be filled. A lot of care is being taken by the govt/ police; I see how much they value the human life.

btw i m against bandhs/ raastha rokos. :)

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