Friday, February 20, 2009

Suntech days Feb '09

I work for a software company and sun tech days is a good break form my daily routine work. That's way i used to like it very much. This is the 3rd time they are arrianging at hyderabad, and i attended it all the times. This time its terribly dissapointing. All the sessions were boring and i felt like not to come back again.

This time i noticed more of college students than the employed guys here. May be its because of the global economy depression.... atleast 75% were college students and i am sure not even 5% of them found atleast 1 session useful. What a pity!!! Seeing them i remember my college days. At my college one day a friend of mine asked me a qn: "Ravi what will you do next year?" (i was in 4th year 1st sem) I had no answer....  and after a while replied: "i will go in the way the wind takes me (etu gali veste atu)".

Student life at the engeneering colleges are more or less monotonic... only books, college, games, lectures (which we never understand). Its the time when we have no idea of anything outside college/ studies. Once we are out of college we are more or less like a fish out of water.... every one wants experience and we hardly have any practical knowledge of what we read.. and that way a student like me ends up at the square one. So, I see education more or less a failure in earning bread to a person. At my time computer booom was on a full move and i didnt feel the heat completely.

Now how is this related to sun tech days???... i am not sure... but i felt like these little ple are getting exploited... The sessions that are at this place are to the guys who had hands on java/ web related things. They are definitly not ment for students. but who cares??? :(

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