Friday, March 13, 2009

Elections in Andhra

This time cinema star Chiranjeevi is also in the election campaigne. At first when i heard this i felt "he should not win at any cost!!". Many of my friends were overwhelmed by his arrival. I felt like: if he wins a seat it means like telling 'Hey! Me not working at all is equal to this MLA working'. Its true that few MLAS hardly work... but some how i didnt like him at the election.

it seemed like his acting career is now giving new fruits. Where ever he goes what ever he speaks(only fault finding) he is always honoured. This is the 2nd thing i dont like. See, a doctor's duty is to return u the health and he does his duty. Similarly an actor gives u the entertainment. So, why should the actor be hourned? just because many had seen him doing his work?

Very recently, there has been a party:Loksatta lead by jayaprakash narayanan. His approach is all diffarent. In recent past he said: 'No body wants to become CM to dwell/ sell the state for money. its the approach in which one makes mistakes which finally ends up the situation in mire.' He speaks the point and by his words i feel like he is a perfect leader.

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  1. hey I made a ppt on why one should vote for loksatta

    The idea is to spread it virally in blogs, and explain voters(netizens) the main difference between Loksatta and other parties in a innovative way with a fictional char Subba Rao

    See the PPT from below link and let me know your thoughts and plz help in spreading it among u r friends