Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fix for sensitive teeth

Sensodyne/ colgate sensitive is the tooth paste we often see on TV as a cure for sensitive teeth. The add shows a person unable to take sweets/ something very cold and then the doctor comesup suggesting the toothpaste Sensodyne. Well, i dont know how far the paste would work... but i think i have a concrete solution costing very negligible on pocket.

One of my colleagues in old office suffers the same; he cannot eat excessive sweets/ take anything cold for he complains his teeth pain a lot. I advised him this solution, but u see... the free advice is mostly forgotten/ un-obeyed. So the solution goes this way; btw its an ayurvedic medicine

  • chew a spoon of Tella Nuvvulu (English:white-sesame) every day just before going to bed; keep chewing for complete 5 minutes; donot wash the mouth after this.
  • Every time i get the issue I try out the above and within 1 week the it is fixed
  • Once fixed you may stop it.
How ever i see when consumed: Carborated drinks like cool drinks -coke/ limca etc or after having a lot of pizza i see the issue coming back. Then i redo the above steps and with in 1 week by teeth are super strong.

I tried the above for one complete year when ever i have issue... didnt find a case when it want fixed within 1 week. 

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