Saturday, April 16, 2011

Firing season started....

I am quite un-happy with what is happening with my previous employer; its not like they are going through some financial crunch that they take such bad decisions, but more towards the attitude and in-efficiancy of the management.

From one corner they boast they are employee friendly but on the other side, for what ever reason, they simply fire pple. See the irony and in-efficiency in planning by the management: This company is going through merger and the process was initiated an year back; so at very first it self they knew there could be redundancy in head count/ roles yet they went on hiring pple like any thing... we were wondering whats happening.. news were around that we are expanding and the company is scaling to meet its future needs. Now that the merger is coming to an end they are aggressively cutting off pple; more importantly this is happening informally! let me explain: The roles are getting re-shuffled and as a result except for the few guys; all others are told abt their new role and position; i.e.. indirectly telling these few pple that they are on the edge of being fired. The more cruel part is the management hasnt officially told these guys the sad news; instead they are trying to run the company assuming these redundant guys are already fired.. and see if they can survive with it; may be they will inform them of their ill fate later.. One one side i see intelligence in planning on the other side its cruelty.

When i joined that company for many it was a dream place; but now.. no more! This principle of hire and fire is very bad towards the employee.. almost every year i see one round of firing happening... this time the big shots are the one with whom i worked in my past; and believe me they are not really bad to be fired.Its very disturbing to digest the reality; i cant do anything except to feel sorry, have a disturbed mind and get reminded that we are travelling in a Titanic ship which can give in to the ocean any time; some times because recession hit us; while some time because the ship is over loaded (but who asked u to over load? and why is this one always breaking down every year for every small ice berg in the ocean?)

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