Monday, September 27, 2010

Rheumathoid arthritis :: simple treatment that showed results to us.

our bones have lubricant btw them and so slide off against each other with out any pain. In somecases the lubricant is generated by the body so much that it starts off eathing the bone itself making it rough. Now such rough bones result in acute pain stopping the patent from moving. One of my close person was suffering from this and things went so bad that she had to hold walls just to standup and prepare to walk (all this took abt 15 - 20 sec)

The treatment was simple... we tried this for 15 days and got good results. Previously she couldnt walk without cushoned slippers but now she is moving around normal. It goes this way: We give her amrutaharam and salt and mirchi less food thats it. Amrutaharam consists of: 2 hands full of sprouts, peeled carrot (-4), handfull of fruits (no bananaa), butter milk rice (majjiga annamu), these days casue and kismiss boiled potatoes/ vegitables (ok she didnt take ths but this was also prescribed by naturopathi) and fruit juice -mostly carrot/ beatroot juice and slat less dal (kharjoor or dates may also be inclluded)

Initially she could have them but as days passed nothing went in she was complaining that she cannot have such a food so we thought of having this for 15 days only and give a gap for 5 days and re do this till she is all perfectly normal. She is still in the 1st cycle i am waiting to see how things go on later. Yesturday when we met doctor he said we need to take a pause after 15 days and resume small salt for her.. but we were against it we wanted to cut it totally down; we remember Rishi / Saints living only on vegitables and fruits long long ago when they did tapasya in forests... so some how we are aginst introducing salt in her diat.... unless she opposes it strongly ;)


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