Monday, September 27, 2010

aaha GHMC!!!

Today morning when coming to office at LVPrasad Foot over bridge i saw a hording displaying both escalator and lift are provided to climb up the bridge. What a joke? why? let me explain.

I remember a story abt newton and his cats. Newton had 2 cats, one big and fat while the other thin. For them to move in and out of the home he made 2 holes into the door one for the big one and the other for the smaller one. hahaha! why not only one big hole for the big cat the smaller one can also go throught it naaa... !!! 

The same is the case here.. why lift i already have escalator for the foot over bridge. Why wouldnt anybody use the lift at all? more over nobody uses the bridge and the escalator is always running idle. Even at morning 10:30 i.e.. at the peak traffic hours people prefer crossing the road rather use the bridge. I think government is paying for the maintenance for it every month to the contractor. shame... 


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