Wednesday, September 12, 2007

tooth ache + homeo


one of my close person had a bad tooth ache. The gum actually swelled of so much that she could not even chew the food. Simle solution: Sanguineria 200 (8Rs only) of homeopathy helped! with in 48 hrs the swelling is reduced by more than 2/3 and now theres very little pain in the gum.

I actually herd tha homeopathy, if taken the right medicine for a given disease, would cure it very very quickly. I think the same had happed here.

imageine if there were no homeo! we go to the general physition, she takes consultaion and re-direst us to a dentist. Now this fellow: 2 hrs waiting and then you stay with open mouth for 30mn or 1 hr + antibiotics + vitamins + bed rest and all this would have costed us so much of strain. And to the end of the story she -patient would end up having a dinner of tablets! :o

*** agn my observation only; not a substitute to doctors advice! ***

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