Monday, July 14, 2008

Eclipse Ganymede

Seeing this new product i was exited... in fact it has a few exiting features in it. you can convert an ordinary file system project into dynamic web project (Eclipse europa didnt have this feature); bread crumps, remote system, terminal (i think u can configure the linux samba server and associate it with this... had not done thsi.. but with the docs is felt this is what i felt like) and javascript support.

Java script support is more refined than the other tools that i had seen (aptana, jseclipse). you can check the available methods, scope of variables .. syntax errors etc... navigating to the source (f3) etc. But theres a big pain in the neck!!!! The tool is hanging whenever i open a javascript file. THis is happening only recently.... till then all happies... then i tried updating the new patches from the eclipse and now the cpu is 100% used.. all the system hangs.. huh!!!

now i retook the eclipse from the site.. and again configured ... now i see that cpu is only 50% consumed but eclipse is still hanging when ever i open a js file. not sure why this is happeing. i have configured abt 4 huge projects in eclipse 3 of them are pure java the last one all jsps and js-s (abt 100 jsps and 50 js) i am not sure if this is the issue... what ever ..... when ever i open a js file the eclipse hangs... hanging me.. i wait .. wait.. wait.. indefinitely and finally end task... huh!!! today i did it atleast 4 times...


hey got a soln.. though dirty one: i had included YUI in the build path of javascript now i removed it and all is working fine... (yeak!!!! so i cant have YUI in build path??? terrible isnt it??)

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