Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Remote debugging in SQL Developer

There are many sites explaining how to do this.. but somehow i see them incomplete and not very userful. I followed some and had to do goo experimentation on things to get this one working. So this is how i went about

I have a windows machine on which i have SQL developer. Now i need to debug a proc that resides over a solaris/ linux box (diffarent server)

  1. Download the sql developer and create a connection
  2. open a procedure, right click and select compile to debug
  3. Right click on ur connection and select Remote Debug
  4. Give the port as 8001; IP: local ip (u can get in cmd window with ipconfig command). If you see a windows firewall dialog then shut down the firewall. in run > give services.msc > opens services> right click on 'Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)' and select stop.
  5. U will see the new debug connection under RunManager window below connections.
  6. Now login to the target DB-machine as someUser
  7. if it doestnt have debug previleges then login as sysdba and run the command: GRANT debug connect session, debug any procedure TO ; and then login as someUser
  8. now run the command:  exec DBMS_DEBUG_JDWP.CONNECT_TCP('ur ip',8001);This should complete with no errors.
  9. put a debug point in the sql developer (click on the left white column and u will see a red dot)
  10. now click on the lady bug and the debugging starts.

i am not sure how to do a remote debug when a java process calls this procedure. Any ideas... please share with me.

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