Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oracle Takes over SUN... !!!

i some how didnt like this idea.

I donot have good impression on Oracle, pple say its the software giant, etc etc. I worked with Oracle collaboration suite: it was so buggy, stupid none of the documented things work properly. I also felt like they delibrately put in bugs so that u will buy metalink licenses to get the workaround (but first of all u should predict that the one not working could be a bug and stop trying couple of ways with it; mean while u loose days and weeks!). The other one is oracle database: i am using the 10g and though its performance oriented, the utilities with it: like streams dont work properly as documented. There is no proper IDE to view the db and its options (recetnly it launched the SQL developer, but it has serious usablility issues)

Leave alone this, look at its ethics towards the people soft, seible etc... it acquired them all by in-ethical means (atleast with the limited observations i have this is what i noticed).

Now, if oracle takes up the Java then its sure that it will kill the MYSql/ make it payware; tune solaris so that its competitors get affected...

Though its a good news and aqvasition is required for SUN to florish... i somehow dont like oracle taking it over... may be IBM would be little agreable... but who cares.. its the business.

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