Sunday, August 30, 2009

Google code

Yest i wanted to publish my work related to javascript here and blogger had irritated me to the extent possible. It doesnt allow me to put HTML content and if i put it in Edit HTML mode then it uses its itelligence to destory my code and indentations. Finally i used Text area tag of HTML to do it. Even in this the blogger inserted un-necessary irritating
codes. huh! how do i get over this?

Then thought if content delivery sites can help me and went to; now this fellow doesnt allow me to  upload HTML content. oh god!

I remembered i read about cloud computing at one of the sun forums; and heard Google gives an app engine. I tried with google and uploadded an applicaiton on that app server to serve my file.

I dont know how long will he let the content exist there; i didnt make any effort to know it either.:(

Ok what ever, finally got my things working on Google App server serverd via google CDN; he was mentionling about some payment on his site (if i read it right then it comes in when hits > 5million peryear?)

finlly happy ending.

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