Monday, September 21, 2009


I have a confession to make, ever since I have
known u,
Its kinda hard for me to forget u.
Every night u appear in my dreams
And I find my self shouting.... .

I look at the stars, the stars r beautiful
Then I look at you......
I ......
I .......
I rather look at the stars again. *****

Why do Sardars always smile during lightning storms?
They think their picture is being taken.

u r 100% beautiful, u r 100% lucky
u r 100% sweet , u r 100% nice
and u r 100% stupid to believe these words

Good looking people r hard to find.
That's why u don't ......
That's y u don't see me often.

An issue:
Once a sardarji was traveeling in the last compartmrnt of Tamilnadu express from Chennai to Delhi .The train would run for some 6 hours at a stretch and stop for just 10 minutes in a station . Every time the train stops he had to run one furlong into the station to eat and drink . By the time he reached Delhi he was so vexed with the journey and lodged a complaint in the complaint book . It reads as follows -
To the Hon'ble Railway minister ,
You do not know the difficulties of people travelling in the last compartment of such a lengthy train such as the Tamilnadu Express . Each time it halts in a station, you have to run one mile into the station and eat some thing and before you reach the compartment the train starts moving . It is a real hell . So , from now onwards I recommend that ' the last compartment in Tamilnadu Express may be kept in the middle of the train and not at the end of the train '..

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