Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Harrassment at workplace

Recently i had seen a case which, to the extent i was told, involved harassment of a woman at work place. She was finally crying hard, requesting the CEO to detain him. The guy was fired immediately. The girl resigned fearing the humiliation.

I donot want to talk about the correctness of the judgment/ neither am interested in taking any sides in thiscase, however i feel the way the issue is handled should be made better. I dont think the company can do anything other than what it has done. I have un-happy feelings about the situation and am not sure how to react to it.

let me start it this way.. so finally what has happened? the company lost a developer & a lead. The guy & girl are suddenly on roads; both in unhappy moods. the girl, i suppose wouldn't ever comeout for a new job! The guys family is at stake!

Generally when a case like sexual harassment comes up the women communities try to make a lot of fuss of it. They actually behave as if.. " give me the guy and i will tear him into pieces.... Such a fellow should be shot in public.... punishment to him should be so severe that nobody else should ever even be able to imagine doing such athing again..." Now what are they trying to do? See the thing that made him bad is: parastree vyamoham (craving for a woman) and so lets try to correct only this part. In my view.. the ideal soln would be to finally treat things so that they still continue working the same way they did all these days... and he not harassing her. I m not sure how to achieve this.. or even if this is possible at all !!!

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