Monday, June 7, 2010

Bhopal Union Carbide accident and punishment !!!

Few minutes back i read this on an online news paper:

"A local court on Monday afternoon sentenced all the eight accused in the Bhopal gas disaster case to two years' imprisonment and Rs one lakh fine each under section 304(a) amid tension around the court premises where prohibitory

order is in force to prevent the survivors of the world's worst industrial disaster from holding demonstration.

The maximum punishment under the section 304 (a) is two years jail.

However, the accused were immediately released on Rs 25,000 personal bond. The verdict has come nearly 25 years and six months after poisonous fumes of methyl-iso-cyanite gas leaked from the now-defunct Union Carbide factory. It killed over 15,000 and affected nearly five lakh people over the years. The disaster had occured on the intervening night of December 2-3, 1984.

The convicts include Union Carbide former top brass Keshav Mahindra, Vijay Gokhle, SP Raichoudhary, Kishor Kamdar, J Mukund, KV Shetty and SI Qureshi.

The court has also imposed Rs five lakh fine each on three companies Union Carbide Corporation, Union Carbide of India Limited and Union Carbide Eastern (Hong Kong).

The court premises is heavily guarded and atmosphere is tense.

NGOs working for the gas victims have already said they would move higher court against the verdict for trial of the convicts under more stringent section 3049 (B) which provides for maximum 10 years jail sentence.

The CBI had filed chalan in this case in December 1987 and recording of witnesses statementbegan in 97. A total 178
witnesses deposed and 3000 documents produced in the court of the Chief Judician Magistrate. the incumbent CJM Tiwari is the 15th CJM since the case came up before the court."

I remember a saying from  my child hood: Justice delayed is justice denied. I think this apts to this situation. Added, after 25 years of struggle... now the Court levies 1lakh rupees fine??? is this a comedy show or some kind of practical joke? Now let me add one more point.. this is the judgement by the local court... the local court which is within the vicinity of the affected area itself takes 25 years to say who is wrong... and who should be punished... imagine the time it takes for the supreme court to give the verdict!!!!

For cases like Kasab where some 100 pple of mumbai are affected.. the govt does hungama.. puts a special court.. special high security prison.. spends abt 10 crores.. makes some 1000/ 10000 pages of verdict.... How abt the case of this bhopal gas disaster??? why isnt it handled so carefully? I remember reading in TOI: " immediately after the gas explosion, the CEO was led to USA in one of the indian goveernment's official aircraft". What is this?

There is no surprise if i see the supreme court's verdict... after some 75 years/ 100 years when i m nearing my death.. like it happened with boforce/ any such case.

pple dont elect a proper government.... they go for a biryani packet and 250 Rs of money to vote or elect... the learned fellow who knows what is correct and what is wrong .. doesn't vote... and finally we curse the govt for being so bad.... If a biryani packet is ruling the state.. then this is what we are eligible for.. No offence.. !!!

its so bad to make such comments... but what do i say.. in my own cubicle.. last time.. only 3 voted out of 6.

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