Friday, May 24, 2013

True abt indians??

I used to feel people in Govt companies are very dishonest, 'cos the line of hierarchy itself is impure; so much so even if u want to work properly u r not allowed to. But its untrue... Today I had seen a case in a company where the admin personell were buying things at a higher price.

Few days back we had to buy samsung galaxy grand, the admin had called the retailer to the company and he was quoting 23+ K. OMG! on u get it for 19+K. Is it that the admin is not bothered? but this is all what they are supposed to do.

Today i came to know.. that people here get their flight tickets booked at 1.5 Lakhs while it wouldnt cost more than 1.+ Lakhs rupees if u visit the airliner website and do the booking. What is all this? aren't they craving for commissions?

I somehow feel its in our bood... the corruption and being dishonest.. what do u think?

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