Tuesday, January 1, 2008

DWR with struts 2

Struts-2 uses dwr(direct web remoting) to validate the forms; atleast 2.0.x version does it and struts promises that ajax validation would be available from 2.1x versions... i was working with checkboxes in a jsp (using struts2.0.9) the following is the issue:

there are 3 checkboxes in the form, c1,c2,c3 and now say u checked the box-c2 or u didnt check any of the boxes...; the idea is to validate the checkboxes; the surprise is that always the c3 would be submitted irrespective of what box is checked... i found the problem with the validateClient.js file. The same can be reproduced (simple by edititng quizAction.java of struts-showcase application) any idea asto what can be done???

i think that i should handle this by creating a new theme... let me post the same in JIRA. :)


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