Tuesday, January 22, 2008

JS editor

Finally my voyage for a good Java script editor seem to find a solution. I had been looking for an IDE for javascript since years. At first it was FirstJavascript editor. but it was just 7days trial period and even before i understood its features, the trial perriod was over.

Just recently i had seen JSEditor, given by Adobe. It has many cool features, maily its integrable with YUI and its very light weight esp when installing into eclipse.

and today i found still better editor. Aptana IDE ! This one integrates not only with your IDE (Eclipse) but also with Mozilla Firefox enabling runtime debugging possible. Its really cool, but at the same time very heavy on eclipse (consumes abt 100MB :o) how ever i think its features will stick u to it: context sensitive help, code completion, JS doc generation, YUI, DOJO, Adobe Spry integrations (thats all i know for now and overwhelmed by it). Most importantly its free at least the community edition and all the mentioned features are in it! WOW!. I haven't tried the profession one yet.

I could discover only to this extent for today. I shall post the new features as i discover them. For now all i would like to say: "Great work Aptana Team"

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