Friday, April 9, 2010

Is jyotisyam true?

couple of days back i saw this topic over TV who were questing the validity of jatakam (fortune telling). They almost concluded that its waste of time & money trying to believe this. My view is different.

Before i get to give my explanation, i would like to refer to a few things from our history. THe best of them: Gautama buddha. When he was born it was told that he either becomes a Chakravarthi (Emperor) or greatest saint. Another: Molla. Her own father was the fortune teller (siddanthi) and he predicted vidhavyam (that she may be a widow). So to compensate this he arranges the marriage in a very auspicious time. The clock, which was used to measure the time, had issue because of which the marriage doesn't happen on time as expected. She turns into widow in 1year, gets into viragyam (ditatchment from earthly things) and becomes a saint. She is the author for the book: Molla ramayanam which is still being read today.

I have heard people predicting things very accurately (99% accuracy). They infact predicted the time when it may also happen and it all did as predicted.

jatakam (fortune) may not always really happen. See, what happend in case of Markandeya? His father predicted early death (at age of 11) but he lived all 100 years. How did this happen? The dosham (bad) in his jatakam(fortune) was mitigated by his tapasya (prayer). Now in this case can i tell jatakam is wrong?

Now comes my point. The jatakam (or fortune telling) is more like a traffic signal. it only tells u... Hey! its very very likely that this may happen to you and just because u have seen few of them failing .. doesnt mean they are all wrong and hence u can curse jatakam/ Vedam (the truth) or sastra.

One more thing... Navagrahalu (9 planets) were in the vedam./ sastra since ages (may b even before 6th century BC) and see just abt 200 years back the Galileo discovered the 9 planets. Now, say galileo hasn't discover yet... would it be correct for the people to tell that navagrahalu (9 planets) dont exist?. Just because something is not yet discovered doesnt mean that its not true. (Agreed that i deviated from Jataka to vedam/ sastra. This is because pple find fault with all of them together.)

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