Friday, July 23, 2010

Lesson learnt: What u do... is what u get!


i work for a product based company and i am responsible to help out people get their things done by providing java apis around the DB. I tried to make things as simeple to them as possible... gave the documentation, code generators (see both of these are not part of the project, and i did them on my own.. added they were not even considered for my appraisal.. so bad.. it hurted; so stopped updating them any more :) ). Recently the usecases requiring this apis are growing off.. almost 3 usecases a release and every time i see a newperson i need to update him every thing.. do debugging etc etc. Gone frustrated.. i stopped responding.. when some issue happnes i first try to hide off.. trying to be unreachable.

Recently i was put into the client project where i need to interact with the Gameserver. Here comes the problem... They are almost since 6 to 7 years into this and find it tiring to tell why the things are failing... what is the server expecting from client so that i can do the necessary debugging... more like non cooperation. Things go so tuff.. that i sat down debugging the server side as well... trying to get the data i want.. and a simple problem is eating off 2/ 3 hrs of time. Suddenly i noticed something!

I was with the same attitude when pple wanted help from me... may b i was too frustrated/ overloaded to help... or the documentation was available over wiki... still if i could spare some 15/ 20 min with them.. it would make their life so simple. Today i wold meet a guy and try to fix his issue. lets see what happens next!


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  1. happens I made it point when I was in software to respond to people's question helps in long run!

    Btb thanks for being a fan to my blog will visit yours now and then!