Friday, December 31, 2010

ChandrababuNaidu and politics

Chandrababu naidu was my favorite leader. Esp; when it comes to the development of Andhrapradesh i used to respect him the most. The IT sector his visions etc. Previous elections when he lost the seat, i pitied him. In my view he was most eligible than any body else. I felt so sorry.

His recent agitation about babli project; I felt he did his best in fighting the issue. I was very angry at the AP government for forcibly pulling him back/ not backing him in any aspect. But now he seem to be fighting a loosing battle. His agitation for farmers. Either right or wrong when he started it he shouldnt have left it in between. I felt like he is giving up... doing things more for showing off that he still exists out here.

Seeing my fav leader turning out this way.. is very indigestible for me.

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