Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What kind of police? They take bribe yet dont do work?

Yesterday my friend was travelling on byke and was hit by lorry from behind, intelligently he jumped off the byke and the lorry ran over the byke. The byke is completely destroyed. When he took the drive to the police the police writer 'demanded' Rs500 bribe and wrote the report in telugu. When asked he said he doesnt know any other language. This poor guy doesnt know telugu and trusted him as he took the bribe and promised to dothe work in full. Today he got the letter to me and it reads "I was travelling on kukatpally road and the handle hit the MCH lorry parked forcing my byke to skid. The lorry coming behind ran over my byke" pushing the fault onto the rider.

Huh! what kind of people are these police? They dont even know english? ok no questions asked.. After having taken bribe also they don't do proper work? Don't we have a system to catch hold of such a thing happening in the society? Don't say spy on them.. thats not possible practically.


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