Monday, June 6, 2011

Well done US

After the Abottabad incident (bin laden encounter etc) pakistan army shivered in anger.. their ministers warned india not to attempt another Abottabad with them as pakistan army is on high alert and will strike it back. Hahaha... first of all US attacked them why are they crying after India? ok lets leave it lets assume they wanted to express their anguish.

Couple of days back supposedly the next heir of BinLaden Kashmiri was killed by an operation lead by CIA (air-strike) in Pakistan. Now what did the raging pak army do? would they again cry at India?

Would India learn form these incidents? Would we ever teach them a lesson? or only exchange papers asking for the terrorists? US on the other hand had crossed all the countries, continents and are silently doing their work. I can only appreciate them for their focus. Well done US/ CIA.

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