Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quick from office

Today i am early to home from office (@8 pm or so); I enjoyed it so much.. may be because such occasions hardly come?? i dont know.. I saw NGC/ discovery to my hearts content.. and finally few minutes back landed on face book to check the status… I feel so happy.. i feel so relieved.

@Office, things seem chaotic.. i was assigned an assignment.. and when i question back for clarifications.. i see pple are pissedoff… so i thought i will rather leave it there.. let them really fall short of time and then i will start off with the work.. whats the fun in proactively doing when there is  nobody to appreciate it?

When ever i get some free time.. i just think.. what can i do now? i dont want to go after pple and ask for work.. can i investigate someting… do i remember something which i thought i will revisit in my past? should i surf for something??? infact this is how i discovered the google reader ( one of my fav and every day viewer).. i go around and check what others are doing/ up to…

Thats all for now… time to go to bed.. need to getup early tomorrow.. its Dusshera. Did i say this.. this time the festival is not lively.. its sad.. on one side the APSRTC is on strike.. govt already warned them they wouldnt get bonus/ they wouldnt be paid for the days they are on strike.. inspite of that they are on strike.. but why??? nobody knows! neither they comeout and declare their demands.. seems very un-healthy! State govt employees are also on strike.. and i heard they are repenting for loosing their Dushrrea bonus and 1/2 month salary.. but not sure if they are continuing on the strike.  I am not sure how this will end finally.

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