Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why should i support the T movement?

No i wont! why? because i like andhra regions? Or because i love to see the state united? Or do i think telangana is very well developed that the jist of the moment is missing? NO. None of these!

At the core of this movement is the statement that Andhra guys are over ruling us/ Andhra is plundering our wealth/ Andhra guys are diverting our resources to them. Might be/ Might be not! I wouldnt debate on it. Recently when i came home my sister told they brought down our scluptures on tank bund. I felt so bad. I thought atleast one T guy would come forward saying they shouldn’t have done it. The incedent is very unfortunate. But to my surprise there wasnt even on such statement made. I was shocked. I felt like the complete T supports this.

This is very bad. According to me somebody doing mistake doesn’t give u the chance to do another mistake. If at all u dont agree then i would classify it as animal instinct. I somehow feel the movement is not healthy; the very base line itself.. i dont agree.. added the million march where they bring down the idols.

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