Friday, February 24, 2012


Few minutes back i got a msg from incomtax dept that i have refund of 30K. The From address was: At first i was happy to see refund.. but then got doubt.. why would they do? atleast I cant believe that our govt really does work proactively. I got doubt and checked the further details on my gmail; checked the via link. Now I understood its fraud site.


i clicked onthe link provided on the email.. it displayed options from where took me to my standard charted bank.


Look at the address bar. its from some private ip. WOW! what an idea to do phishing! So they are actually proxying my bank details via their servers. If i enter my onlink bank details.. they intercept the data and get hold of my online details.

A novice user would definitely fall into the trap; so i wanted to alert pple on it. I went to my gmail and marked the mail as phishing.


hope this helps somebody…

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  1. Yes it did help me...Thanks so much..I almost believed it.