Wednesday, February 1, 2012

wait a minute…

It was my sis marrage the last weekend and i was on leave for a total of 5 days. The days were hectic, strainous and i remember sleeping with a strained back to the end of the day; esp the last two days. We used to sleep at night 12:30 and get up by 3:00 am. I hardly had any sleep and was feeling the tiredness.

At marrage we represent the brides side. In india its like this; almost 90% of the preparations/ arrangements are to be done by the bride side people and so so much of work. To the end of the day we used to take hard comments from people for some lapse in the arraignments. We never mided.. we hardly had any time to mind them.. we were just buldozing… and racing with time. It was more like suspense thriller for us.. lt was like the last ball between india and pakistan match which decides who will win!

Finally things settled; the hard time went by; and we were finally at home and we were ruminating the history; how things changed.. what will happen next.. how we failed.. what we should have had done… bla bla bla. It was a refreshing experience.

It was the next day; and I had to prepare for the office, but i could feel the freshness in me; the feeling “let it happen what every may happen. I will see it in the situation. Nothing to worry. Let time decide whats next… etc etc etc…”. what a refreshing thought! how nice! but what actually brought this difference? I realized its the break from the work.. the complete break.. i was in my own world.. fully occupied… completely outside office world.. Now i realize.. may be i need frequent breaks.. which can keep me occupied.. take me away from office… I liked the feeling.. and i think i will cherish it..

lets see how it goes.. what new experiences i will have now? these days i m googling for google groups which are on travel..

till further post.. Adios..

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