Saturday, June 27, 2009


I worked using open source projects like:: Apache softwares, Java and proprietary software like Oracle etc; one ironical difference i see if you get issues: Oracle forums (leaving the pure db alone otherwise... say Oracle AQ/ Streams/ collab suite) especially are stale. A lot of times i had asked and nobody replies, the forum seems like making us a fools. Or at most one guy comes out asking us for the db details which version. I dont understand how these guys can be so irresponsible? We pay to them and they are so mean. Meta link is another such a place. I actually heard that they ask u too many un necessary qns and eat away weeks of time.

Sun Java forums are the best of all the things i had ever seen. Put a qn and within 1 hr u get the soln, unless its some R&D type of a qn. Apache forums u get within 1 day. So nice... we take their work for free still they server us good.

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