Monday, August 9, 2010


This is quite an interesting thing that i noticed recently at my home place. 

I stay at a well developed place at the center of the city. There are slums near by my place. Yesturday the festival 'bonalu' ended. This is a telangana festival, and this basti celebrates it as their main festival. Last year it happend, they decorated the place with twinkling lights and it was very beautiful. We should watch cars running under the lights.. it looked like pearls rolled over their body. The scene was so nice and fentastic. i was surprised how these pple make so much money.... and even if they made.. how would they let it go out just to be spent in 2/ 3 days?

This year the festival is even more fabulous and in flamboyance. IN addition to lights, they displayed some avatars of Lord krishna, huge mikes, huge avatar of Mahankali, DJ (yes DJ and they were arrianged atleast at 2/ 3 places on the streets), transport to the poor etc etc etc. Things were soooooo much that it finally brought in the traffic jam, forcing the recovery van, police to pitch into the scene.... closing the streets, traffic diversion and related complications.  I was surprised... why this overaction? and who would sponser it?

*   *   * 

Few months back there were telangana elections, and TRS party had a roaring victory. Main leaders of contress and tdp couldnt even recover their deposits. The answer lies here. Generally the festival where the poor flock to celebrate.. the local MLA-s sponser. This is mainly seen as an act of impressig them so that it would be easy for them to win the next elections. Hyderabad, being in telangana region and the recent TRS victory added heat which could have added a lot of money for the festival. 

Wow.. how intelligent... from outside we see it as the poor is celebrating for themselves.. but inder the hoods.. things are diffarent. I name it as intelligence/ Rajaneethi. I often wonder why TRS party doesnt sponser such things? The only thing they know/ say is telangana sentiment and Andhra pple are deceiving and robbing telanga pple; As JP once said.. i see this in the light of NAZI movement lead by Hitler of germany where the key point is Jews are robbing germans!

*just my views.. not meant to hurt/ put down somebody. Kindly note*

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