Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My predictions abt the new year

Telangana, one of the issues that keeps me sticking to  the TV screen like a lizard. Let me predict abt this. Would it happen? btw, any hardcore fans of any party/ leaders are advised not to read further. The below are purely my own opinions.

I appreciate Sonia gandhi. She just does what she wants to and in silence. Till the decision has taken affect her move cannot be predicted. There are some glitches as well, however i appreciate her. Take the recent cases lift off on telangana agitators. KCR was the first guy to demand the liftoff, however congress did the nirahara deeksha (fasting) creating a scene in the state and finally swept off the harvest. The same could be the case with telangana also, if at all congress wants to give telangana they will make sure that people first are turned to their side, sweep the complete credit and then they give telangana. This will also give them a strong stand in the new state as well. All this will take some 2 more years.Lets see if the prediction goes right

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