Saturday, January 29, 2011

Why are the Hindus majority?

Yesterday evening i had this argument with my friend

He: if u see the last 1000 years or more its the muslim kings that ruled the country. they why are muslims still the minority in India?

me: Hinduism survived their rule.

He: how?

me: inspite of them forcing people to change religion and their rigorous steps towards it, people still had faith in Hinduism that had kept this religion alive and in-fact we are still the majority for the same reason.

he: nice;


Recently I am seeing the way Christianity is spreading in India. Its very in-ethical of the Fathers but yes an intelligent one. I had been to the village Vedurupaaka where i met an auto driver; on enquiring figured out he had recently converted to Christianity; Same is the case in my fathers office –one of the servants their converted to Christianity. I was inquisitive and enquired why they are converting. The answers i get is: “we are paid 25,000 Rs on conversion. We get free education in catholic schools/ colleges; free books clothes”. Wow! What a deal. Who on earth wouldn’t be attracted to this?

I was wondering how religious heads encourage such behavior? Isn’t this very in-ethical? aren’t they supposed to be untouched by worldly things? things like Christianity is the minority? and if they are doing this can we call them the religious heads? If people want to convert they should see credit in the new religion and hence change. It shouldn’t be by money/ some luring.

HUH! Lets see how far this religion percolates into the society.

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