Wednesday, November 3, 2010

KBC then and now

I was eagerly waiting to see the new series of KBC that started off on Sony Television. I remember the seriousness in the program, the stout voice of Amitab bachan and the way he took the program forward. It was that seriouslness that kept my, my mother (pleaes note: she doesnt understand hindi, can manage with english after a little struggle), sister etc.stick to the program and see till it ends. I still remember the episode when the IAS asparant took part of the program, the audiance poll said option b (about 60% vote)  but he went a head with option c and.... whoa! he wins.. cheers all over my home.. The kind of questions posted were really tuff and i wanted to know the answer. Right from rapid round that starts the game till the end... the show was very captivating.

Later Shahrukh, Govindaa, Salman khan all leading bollywood heroes tried to mimic the program... but no luck... they couldnt even reach 10% of what Amitabachan could do. Amitab had a Raja Mudra on the audience.

I think now the program is bought by Sony entertainment. It seems like they had over engineered it... replaced the rapid round and now 15 participants all of them have a chance to play the game. wait a minute! So some body before me played the 10qns and i continue from the 11th? what is this? why? I felt rediculous. Added the show is now a comedy one where Amitab adds a lot of humor and keeps the show going with his spontaneous/ witty jokes/ dialogues. Seems like he did a lot of homework. But wait a minute.. i m disappointed.. for the suspense is missing... and i m here for it. No body is also interested. it became like any other comedy film. it was not boring... but not entertaining though. I shut the TV 15 min after i watched it.

Personally i think when there is an impression formed about something.. it should not be changed. Eg: at first shot i didnt like the new Bande mataram composed by AR Rehaman. I some how hated to hear it. 'cos i am already with some impression when u say bandemataram and hence the song is disappointing. Same was the case with KBC

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